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Megapolis 2023 – Happy Cities

27th September, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 3, in the heart of Helsinki.

Megapolis is a festival of global urbanites. The theme of the third Megapolis is Happy Cities. This year, in addition to top Finnish speakers, we will proudly present three international guest stars: Enrique Peñalosa, Carl Honoré and Nicola Steuer!

Enrique Peñalosa is one of the world’s leading urban thinkers. During his term as mayor of Bogotá, Columbia in 1998-2000, he presided over the transition of the city of violence and congestion into a city of bicycles, parks and pride.

Carl Honoré is a journalist and the author of the bestseller book “In the Praise of Slow”. He will tell us how the different forms of slow life are spreading all over the world challenging the cult of speed that exhausts our socities.

Nicola Steuer is Head of New Economics Foundation’s (NEF) Centre for Well-being. NEF’s Happy Planet Index (HPI) has been the inspiration for the Happy Cities theme of Megapolis 2023. HPI rates states according to how eco efficient their are in producing long happy life to their citizens.

Programme of the day

Dodo’s main seminars

14.00 Happiness by People

Break: Consumer scenarios inspired by last year’s Megapolis 2022 published on the Hero Consumer’s Market

16.30 Cities Give Their Best

  • Anni Vihriälä and Happy Bamako
    Dan Steinbock and Megapolises of Asia
    Jaska Lehtonen and Unite the Court Yards!
    Peter Tattersall and Wiki Urban Planning
    Markku Jussila and

The international guests will give their speech in English. Otherwise the seminars will be in Finnish.

Other Programme in and around Vanha

Speeking to a Stranger
In Musiikkisali hall at Vanha you can ask strangers difficult questions: What makes you happy? How to build a happy city? You can choose your interlocutor from a wide range of people: e.g. a politician, immigrant, social worker, musician, senior citizen or a squatter answer your questions and might even ask you what happiness is.
Musiikkisali, second floor, 11.30-13.30.

Sound of the City

With the Sound of the City installation everyone can experiment what the city would sound like if there were less cars, more people or if the cocoon sang in the city like in the countryside. Soundscape affects our health, mood and experience of the place. Sounds also make the city homely and close, or bleak and alien. The Sound of the City installation is made by media artist Richard Widerberg and sound designer Aura Neuvonen.
Galleria, second floor, 11-18.

Wiki Urban Planning

In Wiki Urban Planning the participants edit miniature model of a city as they would edit Wikipedia. The man behind the idea, Peter Tattersall claims that urban planning belongs to everybody and not only to those with a degree in architecture. During the spring and summer Dodo’s Kallio project has tested the new tools to shape various spots in Helsinki. In Megapolis 2023 Dodo invites citizens and local election candidates to plan happy Helsinki together.
Vanhan juhlasali (The Ballroom at Vanha), first floor, 11-13.30.

Greater Helsinki Vision 2050 workshop for ideas

How will the Greater Helsinki region look in 42 years? The municipalities of the area are creating a long-term vision that wants to involve ideas also from citizens. The channel to plan the region is open in Megapolis 2023. The workshop is led by assistant city manager Hannu Penttilä and architect Tuomas Toivonen.
Tiedekuntasali, second floor, 11.30-13.30.

Happy Living Room by Oranssi at Kolmen sepän square, 11-18

Jugglers, theatre, music, chess, comic work shop – cheering up the moment. The space is open also for your own performances. Special act: Consultants of the Experimental City from15.00 to 18.00.

Urban bonfire

Memories and stories from the centres and brims of the global village are told round the urban bonfire. What kind of moments and incidents build up the sense of community and participation in Bamako, Madagascar or Oulu? Photos and music accompany us on the journey from rooftop terraces to markets of mandarins. Come and hear about encounters with happy cities and share your own story!

11.00-18.30 The Hero Consumer’s Market

  • City Car Club
  • Suomen arkkitehtiliitto – The Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA)
  • Ekosähkö
  • Dell’Eco natural cosmetics and Vihreä kampa eco hairdressers
  • Ruohonjuuri eco store
  • Avain publishing hose
  • Rosebud bookshop
  • United Bankers
  • Suomen ympäristökeskus – Finnish Environment Institute

Last year’s Megapolis

On Saturday 13th October 2007 about two thousand people met and discussed global environmental issues in Vanha Ylioppilastalo in the heart of Helsinki.

The rallying topic of the event was “Consumption in an urban context” and its related themes: what is, and shoul be, the role of a consumer? Instead of income policy should politicians debate instead on defining environmentally-based prices for products? The choices we make on a daily basis have big cumulative effects, either negative or positive. While mass consumerism still dominates, new trends have started to taken hold with organic quality products, shared experiences and green values developing and growing. How will the new urban consumerism change our world? Megapolis2022-festival brought together people to discuss the cornerstones themes of our time and our future: consumption, environmental issues and urban development. For a day Vanha Ylioppilastalo was filled with seminars, urban art installations and documentaries. The day opened with a presentation by HeHe, a Paris based art and designpartnership set up in 1999 by Interactive Architects Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen.

Dodo’s Main Seminar featured of Kirsi Piha (Editorialist, former MP) , Maria Veitola (Radio Host), Risto Penttilä (Director of the Business and Policy Forum EVA), Ilona Hyötyläinen (Fashion Designer), Riitta Nieminen-Sundell (Sociologist), Osmo Soininvaara (MP) and Father Mitro (Orthodox Clergyman) who discussed their consumption beliefs and habits. “Solutions for sustainable consumption” were introduced by Tuomas Toivonen (Architect-DJ), Liisa Jokinen (Journalist, Blogger), Alex Nieminen (Business Leader) and the Speaker of the Parliament Sauli Niinistö.

The City Seminar was organized by Oranssi (Housing Collective). Thoughts about urban space and living were presented by Silvia Modig , Tuomas “Stuba” Nikula (Director Cable Factory), Touko Renko (Musician) and Maija Anttila (Member of Helsinki City Council).

The marquee event of Megapolis2022-Festival was a concert with DJ Makelove, DJ Rideon as well as bands Maria Gasolina, Trio Tetris and RinneRadio. People also enjoyed storytelling from far-away urban places around an Urban Camp Fire.

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