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Megapolis is an annual urban festival organized by the environmental NGO Dodo. Dodo was founded in 1995 and it operates in Finland’s larger cities. Our focus is on urban development; we argue that environmental problems can and must be solved in cities where the majority of people already live.

The Megapolis event always looks 15 years ahead because we need to think fresh. Megapolis is an urban festival that takes place in the heart of Helsinki and this year’s happening will be the fourth of its kind. It is a gathering that welcomes everybody to listen to interesting people and join the common task of solving environmental problems – and to party afterwards!

Last year our theme was “Happy Cities” and the event attracted over 2000 attendants to the venue in the centre of Helsinki. Our most celebrated guests have been President of Finland Tarja Halonen, former mayor of Bogota Enrique Peñalosa, writer and journalist Carl Honoré among many others.

The theme of the coming Megapolis event is “Food and Cities”. Nutrition accounts for about one fourth of the ecological footprint of the average Finn. Eating is a very common activity for all human beings – we have to do it daily to stay alive – but often people don’t recognise food being as decisive from the ecological perspective. Surveys done in Finland reveal this: only about 40 per cent of Finnish people feel that they can combat climate change with choices made around the dinner table. One could also say that urban settlers have become alienated from food production; food is grown ”somewhere out there” and we have little knowledge of how this is done.

We want to bring these local and global dilemmas into discussion. Right now we are negotiating with many Finnish and foreign top chefs, scholars, entrepreneurs and politicians, so stay tuned for more info. It will be a feast to remember!

Come and join Megapolis on the 26th of September live via internet TV!

Click here to view the programme of the main seminar

An overview over more events of the day can be found here

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