Hyvän ruoan kaupunki

Main Seminar Programme

From 13:30 to 18:00

13:30 Section 1: Global Picnic

Food and Megacities Dr. Khan Rubayet Rahaman, urban and rural planner from
Bangladesh, opens up questions of food security in Megacities – present and future.

Rhythms of Food in Madagascar Hilkka Jokinen & Dodo’s Tany Maitso Project
share their experiences of how life in Madagaskar revolves around harvests. Food there, they will tell us, plays a major role and has an impact on everyday life’s language and social relationships.

The new politics of food Three politicians, three points of view. Sirpa Pietikäinen, Erkki Tuomioja and a third unconfirmed national politician.

Greening the Ghetto Majora Carter, environmental justice advocate and founder of
Sustainable South Bronx, will participate in the Megapolis festival via live video broadcast from New York.

Over-abundance is a big bubble Researcher Tiina Silvasti from VTT, Technical
Research Centre of Finland, offers fresh perspectives on food production and the food
retail sector. What are the links between current production trends and the growth of

An urban grocery shopping tour Jasmin Hamid, actor and former bicycle courier explains
how food can travel light in tomorrow’s cities.

16:00 Section 2: Good Food Cities

Food for thought Italian-Swiss chef Pietro Leemann runs the only Michelin-starred
restaurant in Europe that doesn’t serve meat.

Three perspectives on eating Essayist Antti Nylén, Irma Peiponen from Loppukiri,
a care home for the elderly, and Susanna Suutarla from day nursery Luonnossa
kotonaan – Sotkankoto. The presented points-of-view are food as an ethical choice,
food as a form of building communities and food as a means to teach and raise

Where do city-centre families buy their food and why? Geographer Johanna Lilius
knows what draws families with small children into the urban core.

Empowerment platforms – how to get the food and cities that we want Entrepreneur and producer John Higson, Stockholm’s pace-setter of city culture,
brings the delicacies of the countryside to within reach of urbanites.

Guerilla gardening in Helsinki Dodo’s own urban gardening experiment: growing
food in an urban landscape is practically child’s play!

Flavours lost and found Food writer Christer Lindgren and catering-entrepreneur
Janne Länsipuro rediscover forgotten tastes and introduce seasonal eating.

Good Food City 2024 Jyrki Sukula, top chef and culinary all-rounder, presents his
vision of what the City of good food will be like in 2024.

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