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Khan Rahaman: Food Security & Megacities

Khan Rubayet Rahaman

Dr. Khan Rubayet Rahaman

Dr. Khan Rubayet Rahaman is an urban and rural planner from Bangladesh. He is lecturer and assistant professor at the Khulna University in Dhaka and is currently conducting research in Canada.

His professional work includes studies that range from the impact of floods on informal settlements, women’s empowerment through home industry development in slums, and the impact of physical infrastructure on the environment.

Most recently he conducted a study on food security in Dhaka that correlated crop yield with food infrastructure and availability. He has accumulated impressive background knowledge on urban and rural infrastructure with respect to food security and its impacts on political and social conditions in Megacities such as Dhaka, Manila and Mumbai.

He is keen to highlight the fundamental interconnectedness and the similarities between food infrastructure issues in the global South and North despite their superficial differences.

Both his academic and personal experience provides him with an expert knowledge of the connections between urban infrastructure and food availability, with all their practical, political and social implications.

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