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Majora Carter: Green Queen of South Bronx

Majora Carter is a highly respected environmental justice advocate based in New York’s South Bronx. She has been fighting for a greener urban environment for over a decade through local grassroots initiatives such as Sustainable South Bronx (which she founded).

For her environmental justice in the city means connecting economic and community interests, going green and living healthily as well as doing politics in the interest of all community members. Her vision of a just neighborhood therefore reverberates around green spaces, breathable air and a healthy lifestyle.

With her help the South Bronx got its first waterfront park in 60 years. Since then, the community also managed to fight off or intervene in detrimental industrial and traffic developments. Such achievements enabled the development of a more active population, and the establishment of a local food market in the heart of the community further improved life in the locality.

Food for her is key to bringing about sustainable community development. Majora Carter’s energetic and direct engagement with the problems around her have brought her national fame along with funding to pursue her vision and carry it to other communities across the globe.

Ms Carter will participate in Megapolis 2024 via live video broadcast, direct from South Bronx.

Sustainable South Bronx

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