The programme for Saturday 6 October

For the full programme, click on ‘Ohjelma‘. Even if you’re not a Finnish speaker, the event is definitely worth attending!

Here are some picks for you:

  • We have a very inspiring guest speaker from Nairobi giving an example of solar energy projects in Kenya. See the session starting at 2.30 pm (Solar Energy, The Future for Kenyan Youths – Elizabeth Otieno. You can read more about Elizabeth here.

There are also a lot of activities going on beside the main seminar

  • You can bring your children to Skidipolis2027 to make dolls, toys and art with others! (1pm-4pm, drop in any time)
  • You can come and create comics using the Grassroots Comics method! (12pm-1pm and 3pm-4pm)
  • You can come and meet the speakers and a lot of like-minded people!

See you on Saturday!


Cities make the difference – the time to solve environmental problems is NOW

For years Dodo has been advocating that “Cities are the solution to environmental problems”. It is time to test the validity of the thesis by looking at examples from cities all around the world: how are different cities reducing their carbon footprint once and for all. Good examples and great visions take a long time to reach Finland, let alone the thousands other cities in the world. Which example would you highlight?

Urban planning and development require more radical, more far-reaching deeds than those being done at the moment. Bold changes are often diluted to insignificant decisions in the decision-making machine. On the other hand, the driver for change as well as concrete suggestions should come from active citizens, civil society organisations and enterprises. Megapolis 2027 will introduce people whose way of making suggestions has been to get involved, do something, activate others and change things. Come meet them!


Pop-up -> Keep-up

The past two summers in Helsinki have been full of pop-up bonanza. We sincerely hope these pop-ups will be transferred into keep-ups. They have had as their goal a genuinely happier city and happier citizens. For the city to become not only happier but also more ecological an honest analysis is needed of what the effect of pop-ups and new forms of urban culture could be on the environment. Megapolis 2027 will give you just this!


Get involved

Come to Megapolis on 6 October! Doors open at 11 and programme will go on until 6pm. At Kiasma, the modern art museum on Mannerheiminaukio.

Or contact

Petra Jyrkäs
Event coordinator for Megapolis
tel. 0505168223


A bit about Dodo in English

Dodo is an environmental organisation for urban folk which relies on the power of knowledge and argument. Dodo is about talking and doing. It organises public events, discussion groups, projects and more. Dodo brings together people from different backgrounds to exchange expertise, experiences and ideas. We work out ideas and then we work on some of them to carry out experiments that might improve things.


Dodo has a flexible and open ethos which makes it easy for talk to lead to action. Many of its important projects started out as ideas or visions developed in small discussion groups. You may already be familiar with the urban gardening projects around Helsinki inspired by Dodo or the yearly Megapolis event. You may be interested in development projects in Madagascar and Mali. You may have popped in for a coffee at Turntable café in Pasila. Whatever your motivation, join us!


The dodo, our namesake, disappeared long ago, one of the first species known to have become extinct as the result of human activity. But where there’s hope, there’s life. Come and join Dodo and help make the future a living future. Contact the event coordinator for Megapolis Petra or any other members of the board and find out where the next event will be. We’re flexible about language as well, so if your Finnish isn’t brilliant, don’t let it put you off.



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